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One cannot really argue on the importance of a good logo design. Both start-ups and established businesses around the globe strive to have their logo represent their products and core values. Considering consumer attention span is reducing every day, logos serve as powerful graphic tools to attract and maintain consumer attention.
There are a lot of options available when it comes to getting a good logo design but the most cost-effective method is introduced by You can create a professional logo graphic for your business at designmantic in 4 simple steps which takes less than 5 minutes:

Step 1: Register and Enter Your Company Name:

The Registration process hardly takes a second and then you have to click on logo design to enter your company name and slogan (Don’t worry if you have no slogan for your business you can proceed with just the business name as well). Once done you click on ‘Show My Designs’.

Step 2: Selecting a Design:

Once you click on ‘Show My Designs’ their automated system generates numerous designs with your business name on them. At this stage you also have the option to use the search bar and enter any specific symbol that you have in mind or you can use the industry filter tab to view designs specific for your business industry (Pretty Neat Right). As soon as you have your eye on the design you like, you can click on the design and then comes the best part.

Step 3: The Best Part- Customization

At this stage your design is available under their online studio where you have multiple options to customize the colors, fonts and placement of your design. (Addiction Warning: The user-friendly interface can be very addictive and you can end up creating tons of different versions of your design)

Step 4: Download

Once you are 101 per cent satisfied with what you have customized you can use the download option to checkout and pay $29 for the high-res files.

So there you have it, hassle free, cost-effective and above all a FUN way of getting a logo design. – A Big Thank You from all the entrepreneurs out there for such a wonderful tool.